Ray’s Place

Ray’s Place is this little place that I stop by from time to time in East Dallas. It doesn’t really have a name, I just know where it is. They don’t even have a phone at the joint.  When you go by you’re taking your chances, but normally he gets there by noon most days. Today, he had some stuff worth taking a second look at. The prices, I couldn’t believe them.

$30, but in great condition no holes or tears
ok, get ready for this one…..$150
..another shot and still $150
$150…I’m wondering what he’s thinking
If my memory serves me, this one is $150 too
I’m not sure about the price for this chest of drawers, but not too much of the chandeliers are $150, but it needs just a little TLC, but nothing Murphy’s Oil Soap can’t handle or if your a painter a can of spray paint couldn’t handle. I just love the modern look of the this chest of drawers and even the drawer pulls are nice.

Only one, what can you do with one??? but for $30 I can think of something.
I thought this was a “neat” little set, it needed a little love with some Murphy’s Oil Soap, but I don’t know what I would do with it, if I took it home, so I just left it right there on the sidewalk.
These chrome base chairs need to be reupholstered, but the set of 4, all in great condition $75..dayum! I should have took them home!
NOW, this little table is cute,  it’s marbled mirror and painted a glossy black, I would paint it a matte black and call it day, I should have taken this home too, but hell I can’t have everything. It just takes me back some 😉
…and more chairs!
and even more chairs, complete set of 4 all at great prices!


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