Installation Art

Paul Villinski Aluminum Butterflies[
Lsa Kellner Oil Spill
Lobby of the Westin Hotel (Dallas,TX)
Today as I do a quick run through of my ‘blog roll’ to see who is talking about what, and Kay at Apartment 412 has asked for suggestions with her blank wall. We always talk about the obvious options for wall decor, such as mirrors, clock, ‘decorative art’… stuff like, pictures of folks we don’t even know personally (YOU know those iconic photos of Marilyn Monroe) ….now I love Marilyn Monroe, but I don’t want a picture of her on my wall, and that’s only to name a few. I like to think outside the box when it come to art. Personally for large walls I prefer installation art which can be just about any medium you choose….tree branches, paper, whatever. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate  So next time when you are searching for that perfect piece for your wall think outside the box check outside in your backyard, your neighbors yard….wherever. You can find inspiration just about anywhere.

2 thoughts on “Installation Art

  1. oh! this is what installation art is…actually, you know – i quite like this idea….coincidentally i was kinda eyeing those petal things from umbra that affix to the wall & kinda stick out…not quite the same but kinda….thank you for this suggestion! strongly going to consider it!

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