DIY: Reinvent a Thrift Shop Chandelier

I remembered I saw this over at Practical Chic some months back, and thought just now that I would share. 

For this project you will need:
-One horribly dated late 80’s chandelier frame from Goodwill,Craigslist, curbside, or dumpster. Make sure it is cylindrical in shape and hashooks going all the way around.
-4″ diameter x 1/8″ thick lucite/aka plexiglass/aka plastic/akaacrylic glass discs, which can be found here. Buy, at a minimum, 2 discs for everyhook on your chandelier frame. If you want to really fill it in, you shoulddouble that number and hang the rest off of the frame with invisible fishingline.
-Nail polish. The cheap, drugstore variety. Sinful Colors isavailable for $1.99 per bottle, {you can find polish for less} and the colorsare luminous and have incredible depth. (Side note: nail enamel is one of thehighest quality paints that exist, which makes it perfect for any DIY projectwhere you need a permanent, glossy paint job on a smallish surface area). Autopaint is also awesome, but stick to slightly sparkly nail polish for thisproject. Have fun with the colors you choose. There are no limits.
-20g stainless steel jump rings, about 1/2″ in diameter which youcan buy or make yourself by wrapping wire around a tube of lip gloss (oranything else 1/2″ in diameter and cylindrical) into a coil, and cut the coilinto individual circles (jump rings) with wire cutters.


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