Find of the day: Chrome and smoked glass dining set

this set is only about $13,000. [ via ] 
ok, let me first preface by saying. I didn’t go looking for this today. I was just going to see what I could see….just so you know I thrift on a regular basis. {I might find something, I might not}, anyways, I’m at the Salvation Army and I go back to the little area where they have all the bric-a-brac as my Grandmother would call it. I find a few things, oh now I didn’t get a cart (didn’t think that I was going to find anything}, so I go back to get a cart…and as I am walking back I see this table. {I was in heaven} no other way to describe it, ok I come back to earth and a break out my camera, I’m taking my pictures, there is this guy in the general area, he makes a statement about the set {i ignore him}, this is mine {I say to myself}, I head to the counter to pay and he’s right behind me and he has the ticket to the set WTF………and asks the lady to put it on hold {no he didn’t not just take the ticket off the table he knows I have interest in}..ok so they only hold for 1 hour..1, not until the end of close, not until the next day, 1 hour. now I’m playing the waiting game to see if he comes back…..waiting waiting waiting {in the store mind you, I’m not leaving}. DING, times up. He’s a no show! It’s MINE! A smoked glass top, chrome base, 4 armless,  2 with arms for the grand total of $230.00. I got a 15% military discount {my cousin that’s in the Army was with me} Look out for this next month for the dining/living room makeover beginning next month.


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