Lights Fantastic

Spectacle chandelier is created from over 1000 pairs of prescription spectacles which are linked together to resemble a traditional tiered chandelier. By using prescriptive spectacles which were once an essential tool for seeing an interesting analogy is drawn between their old and new purposes. A mirror ball light effect is produced as the light is refracted through the several layers of lenses. The chandelier comes in two sizes.

This is a linear chandelier created from a selection of found glass lamp shades. Solely each shade is not particularly eye catching but when grouped together in a unit they become harmonious and beautiful. This project is about re-cycling unwanted and discarded lampshades and reconfiguring them to create a stunning light. The chandelier reminds me of a family because each lampshade has its own character but when together they join forces and become one entity. Although using the same formula to construct the chandeliers each light is original.
The Optical chandelier is created from over 4500 prescription spectacle lenses. The lenses are hung on monofilament line which hang from a platform. The lenses form a spherical shape which imitates a disco mirror ball but rather than the light being reflected the light is refracted through the many layers of glass lenses. A magical explosion of light is created. The light is illuminated by a clear 100w incandescent bulb.

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