Doing what I do best, thrifting

Today, was one of those days I felt like getting out to one of my favorite thrift stores. And like always I spotted a few pieces that have great potential. The chest of drawers {$75US} has paint or something on it, it was shoved over in a corner…other stuff all in front of it. Given some TLC this could be a fabulous piece. The french provencial chair {$90US} with the funky orange with white dot upholstery, is in great conditon. Just freshen up with a good steam cleaning and its ready.
These chairs were just simply beautiful. Depending on the decor, they could be used as is. The one on the left is leather {$65} and on the right {$65} would be awesome with the upholstery re-done… I guess both could use some over-hauling.
The little night table, end table whatever it is {$35} would be simply beautiful painted say grey and with mirror on top and on the inside. I think I’m going back to get this…but these folding chairs made me think of the chairs that they have or had at Anthropologie, for like $200 bucks each,.by the way this is a set of 4 {$75} and this DIY project for and upholstering folding chairs for Anthropologie-esque folding chairs.
images via Tonia

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