I just want to know why?

I get this call from a close friend, and she ask “Can you help me with Chelsey’s room?”…ok, so I ask what colors? budget?. But first let me tell you these are 21st century “hippie” folks. Just very free-spirit people. I don’t know how else to describe them. Ok so, then I needed to see what I got to work with {can’t remember what the room looks like}. So, I tell her to send me pictures. Now, I’ve been to the house before, just not in her room…..well I’ve been in the room, I just didn’t pay close attention {I guess}
Chelsey, is 16 15 years old, and the first damn time that she wrote something on the wall, would have been it and the last time! Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end. I’m wondering where they were when she was doing all this writing on the wall??????? NO these are not stickers this is actual writings on the wall, and to top it off.  I want an explanation from the parents. I want them to tell me why they let her do this. I want to know what led her to do this? I wanna know a lot of stuff. But to make it worse, she has chosen a crazy color scheme {orange, pink, and  a couple of other colors} ..but looking at these pictures, I’m confused. I don’t even know where to start. Suggestions, on colors please?

images via the Mother 
that allowed her to write on the wall


13 thoughts on “I just want to know why?

  1. This is a form of expression.If it keeps her off the streets and at home, it works. Judging by the look of her in the photo, if I were her parents, I would think carful about painting it out just yet. Such high ceilings, means more room to write! I have had many a teen want black rooms, another sign of teen years; hopefully she will grow out of it, mostly they do. 🙂

  2. Okay, so I'm the hippie, free-spirit mom of that teenage girl (she JUST turned 15 by-the-way). Where was I when she was writing? Most times, I was there giving my opinion. She'd ask, "Ma, I'm gonna put this color here or these words there..what do you think?" Then, she'd do it, then let me take a look.What you see is the result of a very talented, imaginative, confident, expressive individual. We HAVE to let her do this so she can find her way!She taught herself to read at 3, skipped 4th grade, taught herself to sew at 13 so she could design handbags and pillows and at 14 she taught herself photography (you should see the outside of her room). She sings, has been acting for four years now and has played piano, trumpet, clarinet and drums.She's been toying with graphic design and can do some amazing things with photos to make them look really nice. We signed her up for a graphic design class next year.So until she finds her niche, she can keep on writing.PS-the paint she uses is for walls. It's totally washable!

  3. I actually love it and think that was a VERY GOOD idea! You can tell she has a creative mind, and by doing things like that at this age, she will only develope her natural talents more and more. There is not a thing wrong with that room, Or the new colors she wants either. Why do we ant to put everyone in the same "boring, "NORMAL" box?

  4. It that the graffiti artist pouting in the corner of the fourth photo plotting ways to destroy the upcoming paint job?And Mom just said in the comments that Miss Free Spirit can "keep on writing?"Direct Mom and Miss FS to the paint samples at Home Depot and call the job finished.

  5. Hmmm….. I would paint the walls white, hire a professional graffitti artist (they exist, are amazing and will completely knock your socks off with their artistic ability and creativity) and have them do a super-colorful graffitti mural on one wall. That way if the house ever goes up for sale, a simple inexpensive one-wall paint job would be all that's required to bring it to a sale-able condition.Then I'd give that child a dedicated art space with canvases and paints, a large easel and all the art supplies she could ever hope for – keep encouraging her to let those creative juices flow, just on surfaces other than her bedroom walls. Maybe frame some inspiring images from some graphic design magazines or textbooks – since her Mom says that's what this girl is interested in.Then I'd do a gallery style wall of some of the photos the girl has taken – maybe in some of the super-thin metallic colored frames that Michael's carries – that are very inexpensive to boot. I'd choose a frame color that compliments both her art and the photos she's taken. The framed photos can go with her when/if she leaves to go to college in a few years (I see she has written Class of 2012 on her wall!). The images can easily be switched out, and the frames would jazz up a depressing dorm room.To sum up, I'd do what her mother has been doing all along – celebrating the girl's talent, but just give her the tools to be artistic in places in ways other than writing on her walls….I think that girl is pretty darn lucky to have a Mother chill enough to let her express herself creatively. If only we all had been so lucky!!!!!- Danielle

  6. actually, i think its awesome! i wish she were my client. would be totally fun and she would be open to some very cool ideas, especially w/ color! please, don't box her in. don't give her some hum-drum ness. bring in bold color, patterns, and graphics. her personality is written on the wall. this should be easy. read what she has written and find something for inspiration. i'm so excited for you, that i'm gonna try to come up with some ideas too and email them to you! 🙂

  7. oh, and don't focus on what she has done (even though writing on the wall is a little crazy). focus on how she did it. her personality is all there! and remember that its her bedroom, her private space. it should reflect her personality.

  8. Love your post. I agree with a few of the other comments here. She is very creative. I think you need to come up with a way for her to still express all that art. If I see anything I will be sure to let you know. good luck with that!

  9. Okay so I am an interior designer, and I am IN LOVE with 9 By design the hip Manhattan family who designs their homes for the children and family and then sell them for a ton of money. It's on Bravo, you should start watching and even try to see if you can catch them online. A very famous designer they work with have this same feel in on of the children's rooms, yes at frist it's a bit of an eye sore, but that is just the child expressing herself and learning to be good a something? the first time you pick up a paint brush or spray can for that matter you typically aren't good at it? In my opinin it would be awesome for you to paint the walls in chalkboard paint, and on one wall maybe make wallpaper out of her photography favorites. I have a blog on my website where I reposted how to make chalkboard paint with colors so it doesn't just have to be black. But I think it would be cool in black and even maybe hang some super neon frames on the wall to make like "art pieces" inside. I would do Hot pink and turquoise and orange if it were my daughters room. You could even add some big flowers randomly on the walls. I would also do the wallpaper photography in black and white so it all goes together nicely. Don't stop the creative juices from flowing just make them super easily removable so that she can get better, and better, and better as she practices!

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