I guess is Thriftin’ Thursday

It happen to a really nice day so once again, I get out to do only what I know I do best, hit the antique shops. One I had to go and pick up a chair that I was having repaired…..{good excuse huh?} Anyways, I stop by this little shop I go to from time to time and he happens to have a few things that catch my eye…..I am a lover of original art, and so these three pieces I fall in love with…. I am drawn to folk art, because it tells a story normally, but the Artist is Helen Pickle. I’m not sure how well known she is, but she must be known to someone, ’cause he is asking a whopping $400 bucks each {way out of my budget}. I still love them just the same.

These piece I like as well, from left to right the Artist is B. Tissot ($150) {sounds french??} and the picture of the lady is unsigned ($200). I love the facial expression she has. My pictures, don’t do justice to any of these. 
The gold chandelier needed a little work, but for $30 bucks, it’s a great buy and the hand chart poster…I’m wondering where someone would hang that??? ($35)

I’m back at my favorite secret place to thrift…shhhhh If you can keep a secret I’ll tell you. The chair {$75} very modern great lines, and in great condition. Of course, it needs the upholstery done. The table {$15}…can you believe it??? tighten it up, a can of spray paint??? 

Alright, the little side table, I couldn’t resist at $15 bucks who could?……. I’m wondering why this dresser, buffet or whatever you want it to be is still there?  Is it the $250 price tag??? It is an absolutely beautiful piece, and in excellent condition, and very substantial,  No work needed here other than a good cleaning, unless you wanted to paint it for some reason.

This I took home, well it went to have nailheads done by my favorite guy, Carmelo, with this Greek Key design…….

Side Note: if you are in the Dallas, TX area, and have interest of anything you see posted, please contact me. Otherwise, check over at the shop. 


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