Found: Living room storage Part II. Volume 1

I’ve started going through my living room storage, due to the fact that I am having the entire interior of the house painted. {I’ll post color choices, later} I have been motivated to get some things done, with everyone working diligently on their homes. It’s not like I don’t have the things to get it done. My searches have been very fruitful, as you can see from my last post. Now it’s time to make good use of all my finds and complete some DIY/Makeover projects I have started.
 This is used for staging only, I don’t exactly like enough to use in my house. It was rented out just last month by a local party planner, can came back with a couple of the leaves broken {thanks for a such thing as deposits} 
Just some lamps I picked up randomly, no purpose no directions. I liked the way they looked and thought, “I’ll find something to do with them”, but I think it’s been like 8 months now? More to come, as I continue to go through it all.  

Side Note: Need a lot of prayer and help from all my blog friends, SERIOUSLY

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