It’s over

I posted the sale for last weekend, but we got busy going through things preparing for the sale and came across things that she really didn’t know she had, like Tiffany porcelain pots, Murano glass, and other stuff; so we postponed the sale until this weekend. I had intended to take more photos, but this is the only one that I got. We are done finished! Well except of course there are plenty of kick-knacks, bric-a brac and what-nots left, but that’s nothing. The lady that bought this bedroom set got a great deal, king tufted headboard, bench, dresser with double mirror and the little red chair.
The same lady purchased this lamp / table. You would have to see it in person to know how beautiful this is lamp is. I’m sure there are some others out there, but they are few, far and in between. I’m glad the sale is over! We’ll get to the left-overs later {that’s what I like, the left-overs} 🙂

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