I knew I shouldn’t have stopped, but………..

I knew that I couldn’t let the day go by, and not stop at a garage sale, yard sale, thrift stop or something. {and I did go to Salvation Army too, that’s another show} I’m headed to Home Depot to pick up some spray paint and whatnot…..and I passed one sign, another one, and then I passed the third one, I had to go see what they had {the signs were calling my name}. It’s a moving sale, and they have plenty of outdoor things. This is not even the tip, only what I could get to easily.
I would have gotten this rustic picture frame, but the wood was rotten at the bottom, and too much work to repair, the cement mushroom, she’s asking 100 ducketts {slang for dollars and I thinking I’m going to get it} and the wrought iron table needed a glass top and painting. I had to pass on that; I already have too many unfinished projects that I’m working on now.
He wasn’t for sale he was just cute laying out in the sun.
This is what I ended up with after an hour or so of looking and talking.20 bucks!! Great condition, and she even gave me the knobs she bought to use on it. OH and since I was in the neighborhood, she delivered it for me. NO CHARGE. It was a great day! You guys have a great weekend and see you on Monday.
Side Note: I promise I’m almost done clearing out my living room
photos via Chic Modern Vintage

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