It keeps changing

Remember my post of the DIY chandelier that Ms. Devore did? I wanted to do the same thing since I knew I had  all the things to complete the project already, but last night I get this picture via email from a friend. She was with me when I purchased my “acrylic crystals.” I like to think of them as lucite :-). She says “This is what you should do with those things you bought.” I’m torn. Michelle, Raina HELP PLEASE.
Chandelier photo from unknown source
Lucite crystal photo via Chic Modern Vintage

4 thoughts on “It keeps changing

  1. hmmm…. they're both lovely. this is hard.I would choose depending on where it's going. I like this one in the picture for a living room. The other will look nice just about anywhere else, a room, passage,etc…Good luck choosing!!

  2. Ok, here comes the snark – the first one a monkey could do in his sleep.The second (which is admittedly infinitely more difficult) is GLORIOUS. If you can put that second one together, I will fly you up here to do it again for me.

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