Sustainability can be stylish

Get Active. Go Green! Our planet is dying and it may be partly your fault. It’s been poisoned—and it is up to you to administer an antidote to save it.
While that sounds like a superhero movie, it’s a fact: how we live, shop, eat and produce goods is killing the Earth. Globally, we are destroying the environment, and if you don’t think that statement applies to you, visit Carbon Footprint and measure your carbon footprint. You will be alarmed.
But, all hope is not lost! April is Earth Month, and today is Earth Day! For her 40th birthday, Get Active. Go Green! and help make Earth Day last all year long! Think about your plans to pitch in this month and follow these guidelines if you get stuck.
To start, there is the obvious:
• Recycle, reuse, reduce
• Switch from drinking bottled to tap water
• Save fuel by car pooling, using public transportation, walking or economizing your trips
• Shop with reusable bags
• Turn off lights, unplug electronics
• Brush you teeth while showering and lather with the water off
Then, there’s the not so obvious:
• Compost, garden and join a CSA (community supported agriculture)
• Shop local, barter services, resell books, music and magazines
• Make your own (you fill in the blank)
• Educate, pause before you print, start an eco-trend at work
These are all great strategies for becoming more eco-conscious, but there is an intriguing culture of people that have been nurturing the planet since the beginning of time and probably don’t realize their positive impact. This culture includes people that shop garage sales, consignment shops, resale shops and thrift stores.
Also called bargain-hunters, this group turns old to brand new. Not like brand new. Brand new. One such Do-It-Yourselfer makes her impact by designing fashion pieces from what some might call trash (far from it). Green entrepreneur and designer, LaTonya Banes, creates dynamic, one-of-a-kind handbags and accessories from recycled materials. She has turned the art of recycling into a fashion statement.

Banes is among an exceptional few that exercises sustainable business practices, while she makes a profit cleaning up the environment. Banes reuses everything from old clothes, buttons, corks or any fabric or materials that can be reused, including her own name! She recycled her first and middle names, LaTonya Patrice, to brand LaTrice Designs. See her treasures at LaTrice Designs.
Another couture consciousness designer is the Vegan Queen. Evelina Zdunczyk also helps sustain the Universe by creating a dynamic line of eco-luxury handbags and accessories that are kind to the environment and elegant to your fashion senses. See her magic here. 

This Earth Month, Get Active. Go Green! Get Started! Create a Green job or movement to honor Mother Earth on her birthday.
delmetria millener,, is a nationally published freelance writer, based in Texas.

2 thoughts on “Sustainability can be stylish

  1. 10.87 carbon footprints …. not bad for an American. Buying secondhand stuff helped, but where I live, I can't readily access organic/local produce, and I'm sort of cheap, and I can't always afford organic.Real eye-opener though. Thanks!

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