Moonlite Monday: Lauren with Ten23 Designs, speaks on Personal Style

Please help Chic Modern Vintage to give, the creative talent Lauren of Ten23 Designs a great big ‘ol welcome . You can check her out on a regular, right here but in the meantime…..see what she says about………. 
Personal style: often referred to as, “to each their own.” One of the great things about personal style is it is exactly that… Your own PERSONAL sense of style. No one has to like it, no one has to approve of it. It is an expression of you!
When I was much younger (in high school), and living in my parent’s home, my parent’s went out of town on a little mini-vacation. I took that parent-less moment to express myself, by ripping out my bedroom carpet and airbrushing my walls and now concrete floor. Everyone wondered why my parent’s didn’t “kill” me when they got home… I wondered too. When I got older, I was able to understand why. Although what I did was a bit much, my parent’s understood that I was expressing myself. One thing my parent’s never did was shut me down when trying to express myself.
A decade later, I am still writing all over my walls… and other peoples’ walls all across the world. My passion for self expression led me to bring to life my company, Ten23 Designs – Custom Decals. One of my favorite things about making decals is that you can truly turn any idea into a personal work of art. Last year, a good friend of mine wrote a haiku (I think it was about me, even though she does not want to admit it). I couldn’t resist turning the haiku into a fabulous wall decal for her…
…with a fabulous afro chic decal to accompany it.
Wall decals are a great way to decorate & express yourself. If you have a vision of what you would like to see on your walls, it can be turned into a decal… inspiring you daily… showing off your own personal style. One of the great things about Ten23 Designs wall decals, is that if in a few months, or a few years, you would like to express yourself differently, they are easily removable without having to worry about ruining your walls or having to repaint. Next time you have the urge to express yourself, add some personal flair to your walls with a wall decal.
Thank you Lauren! I’m all for personal style.  I want all of you to check Lauren out  for wall decal designs that will suit your own personal decor style.

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