My personal ramblings, reviews, et al

Disclaimer: I am sharing things in this post that wouldn’t require their own post otherwise.
First let me thank each and everyone of you that have joined in on this little wagon. As, I have said  many times before, I’m still trying to find my way. I’m always open to suggestions, and any constructive criticism. I’m  also still trying to decide the direction I would take my blog. I claim to be a novice interior designer. Fabulous, at locating furniture, and most anything else. {I pride myself in that} Therefore, I am going to double check my skills, beginning with my living room that has been doing double duty as my storage.
Since finding my statement piece for the space. {and I’m having second thought about it now}
 I’ve come up with my color palette for the living room.
Since people love giving their opinions. 
I’m looking for only a few when I begin to decorate the living room
I’m not one to follow so-called trends, fads and the like. I march to the beat of my own drum.
Like Raina, over at If the Lamp Shade Fits 
I like to choose all my furniture and accessories with care.
A lady after my own heart. Someone with the guts, not to follow trend.
I have one issue, I do not stop retail, retail off-price, catalogs, or online.  I look at those places for inspiration only. Nothing more. If I happen to find things while I’m in the store window shopping, it must be “dirt cheap,”  in order for me to purchase. We are such consumers, when there are plenty of pre-loved items that can be used. There are some people that pride themselves in being “dumb-asses” and pay full retail price for something, just to keep up with “the Jacksons” And they are broke, but you don’t know it. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you must spend in order to get what you want, but not all the time.
Now, in my search for online inspiration, these are a few living rooms that I have come up with that I like. You can disregard the color schemes, these are only for inspiration. Nothing more.
I like these for either the colors, the furnishing, or the wall decor.
Yes, I have my palette, but things could change.
Another young lady that I admire is, Michelle from Three Men and a Lady. She really gets the job done even with a her boys. Also, how can I forget about LaKeitha from Home to three Duncan Boys. The title of her blog says it all. If these stay at home Moms can do with small children, then what is my issue? I’m just a huge procrastinator, when it comes to my own projects and things that need to be done around my own home.
Finally, I must put myself first, and stop trying to accommodate others who do not appreciate my skills, nor my talents.  Some of this knowledge that I have, was paid for and was not cheap.  As a matter of fact, I’m still paying for it. I need to remember that, when I begin to give my knowledge away. I understand why people charge for what they know.
Thanks for reading my ramblings. 
And be on the look out for when I start decorating my living room.

14 thoughts on “My personal ramblings, reviews, et al

  1. This is by far my favorite post from you and not because you mentioned my blog! It really is true, when you speak from your heart and not worry about what you think other people want to hear, it turns out to be a great read! I look forward to following along as you decorate your space. Put a plan together and work it girl!

  2. I wish I had the eye for design like you do. If you can look at something like that and be inspired to create, that's fantastic!!!! I stink at interior design!

  3. Stopping by from Friday Follow to wish you a Happy Friday and a great weekend! I am your latest follower and I LOVE your blog! Have a great day! :o)

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