Moonlite Monday: Adrienne S. of Mustard Seed Collective speaks on chic, modern, vintage

Please help me give a great big welcome to Adrienne S. of Mustard Seed Collective. I was shocked that she agreed since she is currently on blog vacation. Therefore, I am much obliged that she has “graced” us with her take on chic, modern, and vintage…
So, when Miss Tonia asked me to do a guest post for the wonderful Chic Modern Vintage, I immediately said, “Yes!” One thing about this blog is that Tonia is all about making use of the old and transforming it so that it’s just as good, if not better, than before. But, of course, you all know that. So I asked myself, what exactly is chic? And the disco song, Le Freak (♪♫ c’est chic ♫♪) popped into my mind, which led me to (drum roll, please!)… disco balls. Other than the mirror ball trophy the winner of Dancing With the Stars receives or a Lady Gaga ensemble, how else is a disco ball modern? Well, here are a few ways this vintage piece is chic and modern and perfect for decor and style. Take a look…
Much love
♥ and a big thanks Tonia for asking me to be a part of the Moonlight
Monday series.  
Now I’m off to find my own (chic, modern, vintage)
disco ball.


WOW, thanks Adrienne, I love the play on words. Chic Modern Vintage, get it?  (smile, smile, and more smiles) 

I don’t know when Adrienne will be off blog vacation. I hope soon, please be sure to visit  with her and maybe she’ll give us some indication soon.

 Floral Tunic Dress by Matthew

via Net-a-Porter.  Mirror Hoop Earrings, Giles & Brother.  Heels,
Guiseppe Zanotti.  Interior Image 1, source unknown.  Interior Image
2 via Home Sweet Home.   Interior Image 3 via Tobi Fairley. 
Interior Image 4 via Elle Decoration.

23 thoughts on “Moonlite Monday: Adrienne S. of Mustard Seed Collective speaks on chic, modern, vintage

  1. Adrienne! This was a nice post! I love how you mixed clothing with interiors. That dress…Swoon! That brown white and pink room with the closet office…swoon!

  2. Wow! Lots of disco mirrors here 🙂 Just dropped by from Monday Madness, and I am following you now! I have a lot to learn from your site :)Stephanie

  3. Hi Tonia,Just wanted to pop in and say Hi and to thank you for your visit and for becoming a follower of A Petite Cottage. Hope you come back and visit again soon. Now, I'm off to look around your blog. Hope you have a wonderful Monday and hope you have a fantabulous new week.Hugs and Smiles,♥Ana

  4. I love the ensemble and the room designs …I must have the stairs, chair and the fireplace..Hell I want it all! Thanks again for stopping by my blog and joining ….

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