Carpet designer: Malene Barnett at home

Carpet designer Malene has been featured here, here, and here, and here
And, I’m sure elsewhere, too
Every room is gorgeous, without a doubt.

You can see some of Malene’s custom rugs here.


20 thoughts on “Carpet designer: Malene Barnett at home

  1. Love that saturated color everywhere…and those wall insets are wonderful. I am forever wanting to poke a hole in our plaster and cut some out but I'd have no idea how to frame them after I made the mess.Thanks for some gorgeous and inspiring photos!

  2. Beautiful, the bright colors in the doors and doorway are so unconventional.. which makes it even more intriguing to look at. I wish I could live in a house that looked as beautiful as this.

  3. That staircase is amazing. I've always dreamed of having a beautiful staircase. Sigh, maybe some day. The color of the front door is so unexpected as well. What a bold (and great) choice!

  4. Awesome pics!Thanks again for the patterns, they are wonderful and I feel so lucky! I have done as much as to organize them by brand and era, and put them in neat little boxes under my desk, and I even looked up how much some were selling for. But it's overwhelming to start doing anything with them! I hope to soon. Thank you so much.I saved some for myself, too, so if I make anything from them I'll be sure to let you know!

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