My name is Tonia and I’m a procrastinator

For those of you that have been following for a little while now. I must make a confession like my blog friend Lakeitha.   My name is Tonia {T.O.N.I.A} and I’m a procrastinator. I confessed a while back that I was using my living room as storage
Well, the story goes. I moved from a 4000+ square-foot home in the suburbs to a 2100 square-foot home in the city. I sold most of what I was ready to part with, and kept the rest in the garage. Since, I didn’t have what I wanted to use for my living room, I left it empty. Well, that didn’t last for long. It quickly, and I mean quick filled with things I found on numerous trips to thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, ok you get the picture. Now, I’m going to put my living room together, but the deal is. I like to take my time to put things together. So this is a little round up for you to gawk at and give me you honest opinions.

I found this 4 piece landscape scene at one of the local Salvation Army  This is my statement piece for my living room (unless I find something I like much better) It’s signed and numbered, but I can’t make out the signature.
Found the tripod tray table at thrift store {I think this was sold at Target?} the campaign-style night table {will be painted, of course, and I never would have thought about if Lakeitha hadn’t mentioned it} I’m  thinking to use it as an end table, if I locate the right sofa,  and these funky lamps will be used together on top?
This I’ll use someplace in the living room, to use as a bar of sorts. 
{and of course this is be painted to match the night/end table}

So I’m working on it. I’m working on it.


24 thoughts on “My name is Tonia and I’m a procrastinator

  1. I am also a procrastinator i can relate ..hehe..The dresser i guess in the last pic is really nice…oh and Love your posts of the coach bag insanely cool is that huh? I started blogging initially to just keep track of all my projects, but it's turned into quite an every day obsession now lol :DHave a great day..:)

  2. My dear… I didn't know we were at the same meeting! Hi – I'm robelyn – and I'm a procrastinator right along with you! LOLSUCH FANTASTIC fun pieces!!! Take your time – I will still be here when you get them just the way that is perfect for you!!!:-) robelyn

  3. Okay SO many great things here. If you can't decide on a spot for your landscape scene, I can certainly take it off your hands. (seriously).

  4. Yeah… I put the "pro" in procrastinator. Blogging kind of inspires me to get things done. I absolutely love campaign furniture. What colors are you thinking about? Can't wait to see what you do!!-MEP.S. I'm a new follower… Love your blog!

  5. I'm a procrastinator, but I get things done eventually so get to it lady! I'm gonna make sure you finish this room, but you need to start NOW! Oh, about the campaign, how are you adding that to the room when you're sending BOTH to me;-)

  6. Fabulous! The modern framed landscape is stunning and I could picture a zebra or white floccati rug – I think it will be marvelous. So hop to it!(from one procastinator to the next)pve

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