THE MOONLITE CONTINUES: with Kiki from Life SunnySide Down

June is when I normally make my way to Atlanta, but my friend that I was visiting will not be in town, so I’m off to  Mississippi instead and while I’m away Kiki with Life SunnySide Down is holding it down…… MOONLITE-ING in my place instead.
Hi everyone, I am so excited to be guest blogging for Chic Modern Vintage today. One of my very first blog world connections was with Tonia and now here I am. To be honest, when she suggested I could guest blog for her while she was away on ‘vacay’, I was very nervous! You see, I looked through the posts of her previous guest bloggers and I realized I was in “blogger’s awe”. I am very grateful to be here and I only hope I can live up to the expectation.
Without further ado, let’s get this party started. Today, I decided to go retro! In homage to “Chic Modern Vintage”, we are going to talk about all things retro. So much of what we love, desire and crave is vintage inspired or as I call it “vintage reclaimed”. Vintage innovations have gone from being things in your granny’s closet, to being chic modern must haves, even for those who can afford to wear haute couture. People want something different , I know I do, as opposed to the same garb in every modern designer’s sketchbook. I cannot begin to tell you how much fun I have vintage shopping and finding treasures that I can make into chic little pieces!!

Today’s cluster of vintage innovations includes everything from fashion to antique furniture and vintage inspired interiors.

The Ultimate Fashion Vintage Icon & Pin-Up Girl – MM


Marilyn Monroe’s sense of style is almost as iconic as the name itself.
With a bold sense of style, MM is already a fashion inspiration to many!


Fashion Inspired by the Iconic Vintage Pin-Up Girl


Bright Designs Inspired by Vintage Patterns

With so many futuristic/geometric silhouettes walking the runways in past shows, it was truly refreshing and quite a relief to see that some designers still refer to a classic, simpler time. Classic looks from the 1950’s and 60’s are revisited in several collections, especially that of my fave designer, Michael Kors.

Kitchen Accessories


These kitchen garbs are full of color and lots of spice. Inspired straight out of the 1940’s, they reflect the spirit of the ‘homemaker era.’ Vintage-inspired aprons and dish gloves enhance the merriment of playing whimsical dress-up, like we did when we were little girls, all combined with the indulgent delights of the ever so naughty pin-up girl.

Vintage Furniture Transformations

Today, we see so many vintage furniture pieces being transformed into chic modern-day accessories. From the fabric selection to the design choice – vintage has inspired it all…

Old vs New Furniture

The Barcelona chair is a vintage design with a modern style. When it comes to cool furniture, this is the chair to have. Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929, this architectural piece still looks the part in any room even to this day..



Viktor & Rolf’s Samsonite Black Label luggage line was inspired by 50’s and 60’s jet flights. The collection uses a vintage airplane print to capture the essence of the era. These luggage pieces are uber trendy and chic! They scream vintage mixed with modern day glamour and fashion.

Interior Design


Talk about statement pieces that transcend eras! We have seen so many luxurious and clean lines made from vintage inspirations. The classic, vintage look of pieces always makes a bold statement in any room.

Thanks for having me today and hopefully you were indulgently inspired by everything vintage!! You can visit me at Life SunnySide Down.

Interior images via Elle Decor; Marilyn Monroe via Getty Images;Luggage via Samsonite; Fashion via Michael Kors Runway; Kitchen via Carolyn’s Kitchen; Furniture via Lotus Bleu Designs; and Trend Hunter!



18 thoughts on “THE MOONLITE CONTINUES: with Kiki from Life SunnySide Down

  1. Hi, Tonia and Kiki! I love the mix of the old new, especially in the interior design images. This just goes to show how timeless vintage pieces really are.

  2. Tonia, thank you so much for the opportunity to guest blog for you! It was awesome being able to capture so much of what inspires me for this post…XOXOKiki

  3. Stopping by from Life Sunnyside and I love this post. I also love your blog too…The vintage inspired luggage is amazing and I must add it to my "Must Have" list!!

  4. Kiki, this was an awesome post…its so nice to see it all come together and presented so well!! I am loving the luggage and the interiors – amazing!!! Tonia, great guest post – Thank you!!!Labela

  5. I love the comparison of today vs. yesterday! It's amazing how styles revolve. Kind of like how cigarette leg pants are now called skinny leg pants…you did a great job Kiki!

  6. I agree, I love the mix of the old and the new! You can see so many similarities. Stunning to say the least.I'm your newest follower from Welcome Wednesday!

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