{meet+greet} Hila Rawet Karni, jewelry designer


A granddaughter of a woodworker and a daughter of an industrial designer, and inspired by art and design since early childhood.
After specializing in different aspects of arts and crafts such as painting, sculpturing, needlepoint and photography; She studied Industrial Design in Israel & Milan, and worked as an industrial designer in fields such as table top products and consumer goods. Jewelry has been a passion of hers for years and currently working independently out of London, perfecting and broadening her jewelry lines and promoting them worldwide trough exhibitions and boutique stores.
The jewelry lines have various connections to the world of industrial design, origami and fashion. The world provide the inspiration for materials, techniques and the combinations between them.
I fell in love with Hila Rawet’s jewelry designs when I first saw them. The Kisut and Kipul collections are two of my favorite collections
The Kishut collection uses plastic and grommets, hardly anything you think of as girly. But the combination is fabulous.
Hila 140210 107 Hila 140210 142-2The combination of innate femininity and clean lines really sums up the marriage between jewelry and industrial design, both of which are Hila’s passions.
The Kipul (folded) collection is origami inspired contains a number of objects, created with various materials including paper. In spite of the use of a simple familiar raw material the result is unique and surprising.
Hila 120210 227-1 On the one hand the diverse jewelry can be manufactured in large quantities and at low cost, while on the other hand the choice of the paper type, its shade and texture, bestows a different character to each ornament, enabling a wide range of options, distinct one from the other in character and look.Hila 120210 196 Hila 120210 093 IMG_2106
You can visit Hila’s website to view her entire collection, and to purchase any of her fabulous pieces visit her Etsy Shop.
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  1. Just stopping by from Welcome Wednesday. You've got a great eye for design, not only are these necklaces great, but I clicked around in your home and garden section and saw some cool lampshades too. Anxious to see more so I signed up to be a follower.

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  3. I found you through Welcome Wednesday…I love your blog. So many great finds and pics…we have very similar tastes!I am your newest follower 🙂

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