{meet+greet} Sandra from 5 inch and up

5 inch mos1
I’ve been following Sandra’s blog 5 inch and up for a while now, She’s only been blogging since February of this year and has amassed quite a following. I know, I know decor is suppose to be my thing, but this week I’ve been off on a fashion tangent, and can’t seem to get off. 
image imageThis fabulous drape dress…well there are really not any words that I can say, other than it’s is a show-stopper without a doubt, and can be purchased from Aqua by Aqua. Yes they ship to the US ladies and gentlemen, I emailed to enquire.{that’s the way they spell it in London}
Sandra where were you going on this night?
image and before I go any further, she has an APB {all points bulletin} out for these shades from H&M. They’re sold out. So if anyone has them, or knows of an H&M location that has them, let her know. PLEASE.
Here she’s wearing an outfit that I love, everything is from Top Shop, and she had this bag for sale in her shop. I’m upset that it’s sold already. SANDRA! I need this clutch, like last week year. Somebody has one, they want to get rid of, I know they do. Would that be you?

image  image image
She has quite a collection of boots and shoes. OH see! Look she’s using an old wooden ladder for her necklaces and other accessories. Fabulous idea if you have the room in your closet.
image This is a much better view of all those fabulous shoes and the custom wooden shelf. She built by herself, by the way AND she calls this shoe porn; I know what she means when she says that. If you don’t get it now, you’ll get it later. I am so jealous right now. {in a friendly way, of course}
Sandra, I wear a 9.5 OK? Just in case, you come across something. In the right price range of course.
Check Sandra and her blog over at 5 inch and up. Notice I did squeeze a little decor too. 

11 thoughts on “{meet+greet} Sandra from 5 inch and up

  1. SHOES!! My weakness, completely jealous about all the boots, I have been searching for a great pair of tan boots everywhere… I had a dream about a really gorgeous pair, but no where stocks any that even moderately match the pair in my dream!!Ahhh Shoes!:) Hazel

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