{Soapbox} Pet Peeves

Let me get on my soapbox for just a minute or two, please? Yes, I am dragging the box out. While out on Saturday, doing what I do. I got to thinking of things that truly “rock my nerves” 




gum or spit on the sidewalk.


who make up words


who tell you “Oh! You have to try this! It’s the best thing ever!”
And when you do try it and it sucks. 


who wear jewelry that “clinks and clacks”

6) People in the express lane at the grocery store with more than 15 items
7) Cheap-azz shoes, I can’t stand them
8) Men with too much change in their pockets and they jingle it
9) People that don’t know when to use their there, your and you’re, lose loose. Do I need to go on?
10) Reality TV
11) People that don’t believe in themselves.

I have more but time won’t permit. What are your pet peeves?

8 thoughts on “{Soapbox} Pet Peeves

  1. that list was hilarious. I can't tolerate someone walking slowly in front of me (usually my children or one of our pets) and every time I try to get around them they happen to move where I'm moving. makes me bonkers. I also get peevish over public incessant texting and cell phone conversations. small talk at parties bugs me as well. I feel much better now, thanks!

  2. hmmmm…. I may have made up a word or too, but only to win scrabble :)I am going to say: Fake people. And People who can't find any good, and then set out to make everyone else's day lousy. Oh and I totally agree with Sherri, slow walkers make me angry!Have a wonderful Sunday 🙂

  3. I probably have too many than to list in one comment lol. Here's a couple:People parking in mother and baby just because they want the extra space so no one scratches their jag.Cars that park right up on the curb so you can't walk on the pavement.Drivers who can't well drive. Or buses that take off when your right next to them.Best stop there 🙂Abi

  4. ooooohh this list is great!- people that are negative & unappreciative- people that douse themselves in perfume/cologne- people that start conversations with you, but don't have listening skills

  5. This would require an entire post. Or maybe even a novel. Not full of pet-peeves, necessarily, but just things I wish were different. The stuff on your list would definitely make my list…dessert and desert is one that drives me crazy. Especially when I see "desert" on a menu or dinner invitation.

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