{old+new} Back-painted glass

I’m always searching for the new and innovative.  A friend of mine works for Integrity Coatings here in Dallas,TX; a company that manufactures paint primarily used for resurfacing tubs and tile, and I thought to myself, “I wonder if this can be used on glass?”  called him to ask and he said yes.  So after my net search findings for back painted glass, which is a little more cost effective than tile, and not to mention the glamour that it adds to any decor. 


living room on the fireplace
Back-painted glass is simply glass that is painted on the back and then sealed or baked, but its color shows through with a depth and glow that are captivating. It’s a wonderful material to use as a kitchen backsplash because it looks luscious and luminous, but crisp and clean, too, and maintenance is a breeze. Back-painted glass is reminiscent of Vitrolite and other types of pigmented glass that were popular in the 1920s and 1930s for interior surfaces and for exteriors of everything from jewelry stores to insurance offices.
imagedining room
If you do consider this you must determine the type of glass to be used. You can choose either regular or starfire glass. Starfire, which is lead-free and low-iron and lacks the slight greenish tinge of the regular kind {museum quality}, is more expensive. Tempered glass, which is recommended for use behind a stove but is not necessary behind a kitchen counter or sink, is also more expensive because it adds another step to the manufacturing process. Textured glass adds to the bill, too.
image kitchen
But when it’s all said an done, this is something that a bold DIYer can tackle themselves, if you’ve ever installed tile, this is much easier, aside from not breaking the glass, because there is not that much cutting to do.
image bathroom
This is a fabulous idea, if you’re an artist.
If in the Dallas, TX area call Integrity Coatings for your paint. 214 631 8717 local / Worldwide and outside of the Metroplex call 800 773 7336. The office is located at 2797 Irving Blvd., Dallas, TX 75207
They ship worldwide. Se Habla Espanol

15 thoughts on “{old+new} Back-painted glass

  1. Our old apartment building in the city was all renovated…the two guys in the unit above us made a whole wall dividing their bedrooms and living room with back painted glass! It looked AMAZING and totally opened up the space!<33

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