{MOONLITE MONDAY} Sondra of Chic Chocolate

Today we have Sondra from Chic Chocolate. Makeup artist extraordinaire. We want to get to know her a little better, since she’s part of the reason, we added THE COLLABORATION to the name. Read on to get to know her a little better…..


CMV: Why did you start blogging?
CC: I started blogging just for fun. I didn’t have a specific purpose in mind when I started. My first inclination was to put together a “lifestyle” blog and the first blog post I did was a cupcake review, but quickly morphed into a fashion and beauty blog. I guess that’s what I’m good at.
CMV: Five words that describe your blog as it is today.
CC: Refreshing, stylish, uber-hip, fashionable, chic!
CMV: What is a typical day like for you?
CC: Besides the 9 to 5 grind, I run my own beauty business. I’m a professional makeup artist and my days are filled with appointments for weddings, parties, and events. I am in the process of promoting my line of makeup and skin care. Plus, I find time to blog.
CMV: 7 things that you love
CC:  It’s hard for me to narrow down, but I’ll try.  Seven things I love is my Artistry Illuminating Essence
to keep my skin bright and from looking dull and my Ideal Dual Powder Foundation to give my
skin that beautiful airbrushed quality I love! With the hot weather,
I can’t start my day without A Starbucks Passion Iced Tea.  I like the Venti size and lightly sweetened. 
I absolutely have to have a Tangy Sweet Froyo at least three times a week!  Tangy Sweet is DC’s answer to
Pinkberry, I guess.  I get my usual classic yogurt with slithered almonds, coconut, and blackberry toppings.
I cannot leave my house without my iPhone!  It’s my drug.  My “tried and trusty” Louis Vuitton Speedy is the bag
I always turn to.  I can fit everything plus the kitchen sink in it and it never goes out of style.  Lastly, my Gucci “Sofia”
patent wedges.  They’ve become my favorite work shoe for the summer! I’ve gotten so many compliments on them!


CMV: Any recent finds or purchases that you are most proud of?
CC: I got a really cute necklace from J. Crew at a very good sale price. I went in for one thing that I couldn’t find, but got the necklace instead. It looked so nice on the sales associate and I got the last one!
CMV: What’s in your purse you think you can’t live without?
CC: My money!
CMV: Anything else you’d like to tell readers ?
CC: I’d like to say thank you to all those who have supported me with my blog! You’re support means a lot and that’s from the heart! 🙂 And thanks Tonia for inviting me to take part in your “Moonlight Monday” feature!
Speed Round:
Modern or Vintage? I like a mix of both.
Skirt or Pants: I love both, but skirt are more feminine. I get more male attention when I’m in a skirt.
Stove or Microwave? Definitely the stove! Food is meant to be cooked, not nuked.
House or Condo? Either one as long as I own it.

New York or London? NYC, baby!


I want to thank Sondra for taking time out of her busy holiday schedule. So please stop by to visit with Sondra soon.  


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