Chester, hold me please?

I get calls all the time asking, do I know where to find certain things. Well, my recent request was to locate a Chesterfield sofa.
This sofa was named for the Earl of Chesterfield, and invented in the 1900s and centuries later, it remains a perfect place to nestle in for a long, luxurious nap. These big, cozy sofas have sweeping curves and high, huge rounded arms and come in tufted quilting in leather or luxurious fabrics dotted with the signature button details. Since Chesterfields come at all price points, you don’t have to flatten your wallet or inherit a fortune to nap like royalty.


So after dreaming for a while, this is what I come up with for them via the famous craigslist.



12 thoughts on “Chester, hold me please?

  1. My ideal sofa would be a Chesterfield too! Thanks for walking me through this! I love the one you found on Craig's List. It looks brand new and very comfortable!

  2. woohoo! i love love love the chesterfield. it's like one of my all-time fav sofas. girl, that deep tufting gets me everytime. long live chester…he never dies!

  3. love your blog!!!I saw a chair like this today but not only do I not have an extra room to put it in….it was 4 grand!!!! ekkkkkjen

  4. Oh I love Chesterfields! I dream of a white or cream one with Union Jack cushions adorning my apartment in Brooklyn one day…. :-)Thanks for following me too!Sarah-Leighx

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