{MOONLITE MONDAY} Susan from The Zhush

I already know what you’re thinking it’s a funny name, but Susan says it’s a silly name, but smart style. It’s French, a verb pronounced “je oosh” meaning to primp or fluff up. There you have it. So without me jabbering on, I give you Susan from The Zhush
The Zhush header
Hi! I’m Sue from The Zhush.  When Tonia asked if I would participate in this MOONLITE Monday series I was thrilled. Hope you enjoy it!
CMV: Why did you start blogging?
Susan: I had been reading a few design blogs, in order to get some inspiration for a very large renovation we were undertaking on our home last year.  The more I read, the more I was hooked.  Then one day, very impulsively, I asked my younger brother if he would help me start my own blog.  He agreed, and The Zhush was born!  It has been a great creative outlet and a lot of fun so far!
CMV:Five words that describe your blog:
Susan: fun, upbeat, positive, purple, current
CMV: Name 7 things that you love
Susan: Here are seven things I love  (aside from my family + friends…of course!)
2. Donghia via Dolce Vita
BEAUTIFUL INTERIORS (if purple is involved…all the better!)
3. MUSIC (nothing cheers me up like an old school disco song!)
4. Shopping for Accessories (they always fit)
5. Cocktails Parties (Summertime parties are the best)
6. Sunny Days
7. Gelato
CMV: Any recent purchases?
Susan: My favorite recent purchase is this faceted mirror side table from West Elm. I purchased this a few months ago.  It looks great sitting in my tiny home office with a lovely orchid on top of it.

Now for the Speed Round

Modern or Vintage? I prefer  a combo of the two styles…modern and vintage always looks best to me when paired up together.  
Stove or Microwave? I am hopeless in the kitchen, but do tend to use both the stove and microwave.  
Condo or House? While my home here in New York is a house…its a lot of work to maintain it.  Our ski home is a condo, and requires so little upkeep.  Its hard to pick a favorite.  
Pants or Skirt? Pants!  
Paper or plastic? Paper all the way!
This was so fun for me.  I hope you all enjoyed it as well!
Thanks Susan for MOONLITING today, I’ve truly enjoyed it, this day off, and please do not forget to visit her over at The Zhush, Home of the “Random Chanel item”

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