Feeling a little corky

I considered cork flooring when redoing my kitchen, yet I didn’t choose it. It didn’t match well with the wood floors. I still love it, because it’s an eco-friendly product, also the fact that there are so many uses which is evident. From lighting to flooring.


A pair of cork table lamps.
I’m, mad at myself for passing a similar set up at a garage sale.


Pendant lighting.

A wine cork bat mat. Great DIY for avid wine connoisseurs.


Louboutin cork sling backs


Used to diffuse lighting in a bar, as well as add architectural and visual interest.


Cork board. We all use these in some form. Whether it’s fashion or decor
Large or small. I use mine for notes, pictures, and to hang my long necklaces. {notice that Lucite table and the fact that the corkboard is around the fireplace}
image sources: 1 unknown, 2 furniture store blog, 3 craftzine, 4 unknown,5 cork floors, 6 Domino Magazine


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