The power of the Sharpie


There are commercial spaces that are becoming very creative and flamboyant in making statements with their décor. While offering unique experiences that are unforgettable, to their customers that is for sure to inspire a return visit.

image image

This gift shop if full of colorful ornate merchandise, but the brilliant thing the designers did was keep the color on the shelves, yet added some pazazz with my favorite writing instrument, black markers.

Even though I think they used Sharpies, I have them in just about every color they have available, but black is my favorite.

image                   See more of this fabulous gift shop>>> 

People normally say the power of paint, I say the power of the sharpie.

 Have you used a Sharpie to decorate lately? What is your favorite color?

18 thoughts on “The power of the Sharpie

  1. I love this idea! I've seen something like this before too, but have yet to try it out myself. The color they used was gold! Hey, as a matter of fact, kim Myles used this in one of her spaces on HGTV. She did a diamond pattern on a wall.

  2. THEY DID THAT WITH SHARPIES?!?! I love Sharpies. The pens, more specifically. If I had all white walls I would really want to do something like this in my house.

  3. @InnyVinny, yes Sharpies, markers whichever name you use. Can you believe it? and they did a fabulous job. I'm sure with the aid of a ruler. And I don't think that you have to have white walls, you know Sharpies come in all colors

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