My thrfting escapades:: Parte Uno


This is my stash from the various sales over the weekend. I didn’t expect to find as much vintage jewelry as I did, as well as the other things that I absolutely didn’t need.
You can read all about that here>>>
These are a few favorites out of all.
These chandelier-styled earrings are gorgeous, as well as this multi-strand necklace and this Egyptian inspired necklace.
Could not pass up this sweet mink bowtie. Even though it’s a bowtie, I think that it can be used as a pendant for a necklace. Sorry PETA, I think this was made long before you organized.
PICT2248 This navy blue little gold chain strap shoulder bag has a needlepoint inset. I think this bag would be really cute with a nautical-themed outfit. 🙂
PICT2240 PICT2241
This two-for-one Asian theme necklace was one I could not leave, well yes I could but it was too cute to leave behind. There’s more, but you would be reading forever if I showcased every single piece one by one. 
I’m still working on the shop, but if you are interested in any of what you see email me at: I’ll be more than happy to assist you.
Oh and how did you like my Spanish? I’m taking lessons now.

24 thoughts on “My thrfting escapades:: Parte Uno

  1. Wow those are some great finds. I love that bow tie and I think you are right it would work well as a pendent or even sewn on to a blouse for a hip look. You could start a new trend and no one would be able to copy it =) Stopping in from Follow me Chickadee, have a wonderful weekend and a great trip. Good luck with your shopping.

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