I’m headed to Baltimore

I have been invited to Baltimore, MD. I never think about these kinds of things until I’m getting ready for a trip. I absolutely hate to pack. **Ugh** For one, I really have not learned how to pack properly. I tend to want to take everything I possibly can.
Well, it got me to thinking about the clothing line UNITS from the 80s, do you remember them? It was so simple to put together an outfit quickly. Which brings me to the fact that my cousin sells Avon and they have this dress.  and it would be awesome if it were two colors and reversible. image
In this corner we have Avon weighing in at $24.99
Doesn’t come in black. Why not Avon?
and in this corner we have Donna Karan weighing in at $995 {hell NO}
However, I was looking to see if I could find someone, anyone that was selling UNITS or anything like it. I found Trudy.  An amazing clothing designer. Stop by to visit her blog and see her clothing line; There she as all the videos of how you can wear and incorporate these pieces in your current wardrobe.

What are your favorite things to pack for a short vacation? 
Do you pack too much?


16 thoughts on “I’m headed to Baltimore

  1. If you find more of these convertible dresses, please let us know!! They are great solutions for when you need to pack light.Found you via Thursday Friends and Giveaways. I'm now following you via GFC. It'd be great if you could visit my blog too – http://muminflipflops.com. 🙂

  2. I got a version of the convertible dress for $100 – and I've worn it a million times. Wouldn't pay $1000, but I swear that ever if I had, I'd still have gotten my money's worth!

  3. Hope your trip goes swimmingly. I love the images you posted here; the dresses are hot (and functional). Never heard of UNITS, though. For me, a blazer is the perfect thing for a trip. It can be dressed up and dressed down.PS. Thanks for the nice comments on the blog. I'm glad you like the music, and feel free to use my downloads anytime!

  4. I am very jealous haha…baltimore really… my fav thing to pack in your suitcase is me so i can come too…but of course I would have to get to you first…lol. I always pack a light jumper/cardigan/jacket that goes with lots of stuff just incase the weather changes…nothing worse then being cold…have fun my dear, cheers Katherine

  5. Funny – I just drove a family to the airport for a month long trip and I was so impressed, only one bag per person and they were light as a feather! I am in love with Trudy! I am all about keeping things simple.happy packing to you~pve

  6. You have to let me know how you like B-more… one of my friends is there for school and I promised her a visit!I have a convertible dress from AA and it's kind of a bust – but those look like they would be fab! 😉

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