Moonlite Monday Guest:: Claire from High Gloss Blue

Today, we have two Moonlite guests instead of one. First we have Claire of High Gloss Blue a talented Interior Designer located in Atlanta, GA.




1. Bowls by Magenta, Inc.  2. Pepper mill by Pepper Mill Imports 3. Monogram 4. Candle by Jo Malone 5. Peonies 

My 5 Home Style Tips-

ALL WHITE DISHES:  Just like I like all white sheets and towels, I like all white dishes.  This way, I never have to worry about not having enough of one set of dishes because everything I own matches.  Same thing for sheets and towels, why worry about which ones go in which room when they are all similar!  Plus, the subtle variations give a really pretty layered look that speaks to me.  Right now, I am particularly obsessed with these white dishes by MAGENTA INC.

STATEMENT PEPPER MILL:  Everyone has to have a pepper mill.  Make it a beautiful one that looks like jewelry for the table and never have to worry about hiding it away between meals.

MONOGRAMS:  Love how monograms add an inexpensive personal touch to sheets, pillows and towels.  I am wild for them in simple, bold fonts, but never worry about them matching throughout the house or even the set.

JO MALONE: EVERYTHING.  Her fragrances are divine-but it’s her packaging that drives me INSANE.  Burn the candles fast to justify purchasing another one of those ecru linen boxes.  My favorite summer scent- Grapefruit!

FRESH CUT FLOWERS- With the ability to cheer up even the drabbest of spaces, cut flowers are the simplest of style makers!  For a elegant punch, I stick to one type of flower in a single hue per vessel.  Don’t underestimate posies popped in a humble juice glass or a mason jar either!

Thanks so much to Tonia for giving me the opportunity to hang out with you all today! 

Remember to visit Clarie at High Gloss Blue


 Remember I said there are two guest today? Scroll down read the Moonlite from Vanessa

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