Hollywood Penthouse:: Liberace

I’ve always been curious to know how celebrities   decorate their home, especially the ones like Liberace. He owned over 6 homes throughout his career. Although, this style and taste is not mine, I can appreciate it and use bits and pieces as inspiration.                   

The Foyer

The living room; I spy the gold end table
and the bar cart next to it.

Another view in the living room. The ceiling
was rasied to accomidate the chandelier.

The sitting room and a view of the mirrored wall, in the master bedroom. Although, I wouldn’t have a mirrored wall in my bedroom, I would consider a few mirrored peices of furniture to add a bit of glam.

The rooftop pool.
I love the bird fountain on the wall above the pool.

Here is video of an entrance of one of his Las Vegas shows in 1981. I have to admit that I use to watch him whenever he was on television.
What deceased celebrity do you still remember when you were younger?




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