{MOONLITE continues with some Q&A} From the desk of Annie


Today we ask Annie with From the desk of Annie a few questions. She’s an awesome design consultant right her in the great state of Texas. I want to ask her CMV standard questions we all ways ask. 

First off, thank you Tonia for asking me to guest blog. I am truly honored.

CMV: Five words that describe your blog as it is today.
Hhhmm. Well it’s inspiring, interesting, exciting, lovely, fun.
Um, that’s what I strive for at least.

CMV: What is a typical day like for you?

Annie: 5:30 am workout, come home, shower, drink coffee, watch the news for maybe 5 mins., sneak in some work, greet my little ones when they wake up, make them breakfast, get them dressed, get myself dressed, pack their lunches, take them to school, work work work work, pick up the kids, play with them, sneak in some work, dinner with my family, bedtime, sneak in some more work, go to bed entirely too late after staying up getting distracted by interior design books, magazines or talking to my husband, curse myself for not going to bed earlier

CMV: 7 things that you love  

one – my family, it’s kind of a given but honestly, my life has purpose because of them
two – interior design magazines, i cannot tell you how much I miss house & garden, domino, metropolitan home, cottage living and all those other lovely shelter magazines that once existed
three – vintage grand wagoneers, as soon as my children aren’t in carseats I am getting one. my precious grandfather drove one his entire life.

four – occasions, I love to celebrate milestones, birthdays, anniversaries, even if it’s just something like a casual gathering.

five – finding fabulous things . . . and finding them for an appreciative and excited client even more . . .
six – mexican beer with lime & salt . . . on the beach!

seven – my life . . . in Austin, Texas.

CMV: Any recent finds or purchases that you are most proud of?
Annie: A red bistro table and chairs for a most special client.

CMV:What’s in your purse you think you can’t live without?

Annie: Yikes, sometimes I just grab my wallet and iphone and go! My work bag is a different story, it has tape measures, notepads, pens, pencils, a digital camera and a ruler in it.

CMV: Anything else you’d like to tell readers ?

Annie: If you absolutely love something, BUY IT, don’t worry about the size or the scale or whatever, you will ALWAYS find a home for something you love. I PROMISE.
A console or dresser or side table can easily take on a new life when put somewhere unexpected like a foyer or kitchen nook, stick a lamp on it an some books and voila!
Rearrange, CONSTANTLY rearrange your things, move them from room to room, take them outside, bring them inside, WHATEVER, they are freshest when moved around!
Remember the importance of lighting, lamps are a statement when used the right way.
Please remember that children’s bedrooms don’t have to have children’s furniture in them. My son has an Eames rocker and a mirrored chest as well as a leather chair in his room. The best kid’s rooms have adult furniture in them. They aren’t babies forever, sadly.
Remember, the value of an interior designer is huge. They open your eyes to things, they can change the way you live in your house, they can actually save you money. They are worth it, at least the right ones are.

Annie, thanks so much for stopping by, and if you are in the Austin, TX area please look her up for any of your design needs.